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Low risk, high reward

Zero upfront cost:
pay per interaction.

Nvio is the world’s first performance-based marketing channel to bridge the gap between in-person and online shopping. Place your products in local customers’ hands without investing in your own retail location.

A Polaroid camera, Xiaomi smartband and Polaroid printer on a smart display.

Going back to basics

The case for in-person impressions.

Yes, online marketing has its benefits. But let’s be real: unless you have a bottomless budget or enough time to scrutinize your spending vs. performance, it’s tough to squeeze out a great ROI. Stop breaking your head over digital ads and connect with your customers IRL (in real life). They live in the real world – and your brand should too!

Meet the merchandising tablet

Offline experiences with digital firepower.

Share your marketing text, visuals & video with Nvio and we’ll customize the display carousel with your brand assets. In addition, each product is accompanied with a smart e-label with a QR code customers can scan to buy the product in front of them!

Enjoy benefits aplenty

Physical touch points are your friends.

Deploy brand activations in major cities across Canada

Increase sales and brand awareness

Meet customers by rolling out experiences in coveted local spots

Proven decrease in buyers’ remorse and product returns

Enjoy benefits aplenty

What’s in it for your brand?

Sell offline without the risk

Bye, barriers to entry: with Nvio, there’s no upfront cost and no risk. All we need is a sample to set you up at one of our partner retail locations across Canada. It’s the best way to create real, valuable interactions with customers for way less $ than comparable retail solutions, like pop-ups or consignment.

Track your progress in real time

Discover how your products are performing at every location, and which ones are most popular. Nvio collects data about views, interactions, and purchases, so you can continuously refine your marketing strategy and launch even better campaigns in the future.

Support local communities

Whether your brand is going offline in your hometown or across the country, you're helping small business owners create a new stream of passive income. Showcasing cool products in-store increases dwell times, average transaction totals, and more!

You’re in good company


How are my products sold / delivered to customers discovering via your service?


We create an easy way for customers to discover your products at local cafes and buy via our Nvio Store portal. We prefer a dropship relationship to start working with most of our brands. If we see a high interest in your products - we are happy to move that towards a different relationship.

Why should my brand use the Nvio service?


Does your product highly benefit from an out-of-box demo and discovery. If this is the case, then we can guarantee that you will not be able to find a single retail partner who is willing to do it for cheaper. We don’t think we have to explain to you how much more affordable and valuable this is than online advertising - and the ability for people to actually touch and interact with your products in real life.

What happens if somebody steals the demos being displayed?


Nvio takes full responsibility for any damage or theft. We only partner with spaces that have a good reputation and we trust they’ll do their best to minimize that risk.

Who pays for the shipping of the product to the end customer?


Depending on our agreement terms, on most occasions, Nvio is happy to take on the shipping fees.

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