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Capitalize on your under-utilized space

Integrate retail to your café experience without any of the downside risks.

Nvio offers retail as a service for cafés and other small businesses looking to easily partner with online brand’s seeking an online presence. Feature any brand of your choice in your space, without spending a single dollar.

Why are brands interested in being live on your shelf?

The world of online advertising is expensive, saturated, and difficult to manage. Brands jump at the opportunity to get their products in front of real customers without the typical high costs of running an entire store.

Introduce new & exciting brands into your space

How it works.

We will place your chosen product sample, out of box, on your shelf with an e-label for your customers to interact with. Customers can learn more or purchase the product simply by scanning the QR code - creating a new stream of passive income with every purchase. This way café owners can focus on what they do best - provide the coffee & food their customers love.

Enjoy benefits aplenty

What’s in it for your cafe?

Attract new visitors and increase dwell times as customers browse your complimentary products

A new stream of income: approx. 15% of each sale that takes place via your QR code

Easily track product performance and your real-time earnings via our dashboard

Rotate and test new products at will to keep customers excited and coming back

Support independent brands and growth within the community

No inventory, product management or any of the typical downside risk


Are there any fees associated with setting up or switching out previous products for new ones?


Our service is 100% Free to café owners. There are absolutely no hidden fees. If you decide to switch out the products we do this as often as you like and at no additional cost.

How long does it take to switch out one of our products for a different one?


As soon as you contact the Nvio team about the rotation or addition of new products, we get started. The turnaround time may depend on the city of your space. We’re currently doing our best to maintain a 5 to 7 business day turnaround time.

What products can I feature in my café?


We’ve partnered up with a variety of online only brands and are more than happy to share our product catalog with you, upon request. If there is another product you would like us to have - our marketing team is more than happy to secure a relationship with that brand for you.

How do I earn money?


Your establishment will be earning a percentage of every purchase stemming from your space, with no maximum. All sales transactions go through; no sales processed via your point of sale system; so don't worry about any annoying taxation. Earnings will be wired to your account at the end of every month. You can always log in to our dashboard to track current product performance and overall earnings. The percentage per transaction varies depending on the brand.

Is it possible to have any inventory in hand?


The idea of our model is to avoid expensive wholesale fees and risk. If you see a product doing well in your space - we are more than happy to facilitate a wholesale discussion for the best possible price.

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